Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day (TKMBD)

Saturday, October 1, 2022

The annual Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day (TKMBD) is scheduled for October 1, 2022, at McAllister Park.  See the Events calendar for more details.

While STORM hosts the STORM Kidz ride on the first Saturday of every month year-round, October 1st will be particularly important as we will be partnering with the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) to host the Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day (TKMBD) event in conjunction with other mountain biking organizations across the country.

Focus Group Opportunity

The deadline is Tuesday, September 27, 2022, by 9:00pm.

Parks & Rec staff have asked for a list of local “subject matter experts” from the mountain biking community to attend a 1.5-hour meeting to provide input and feedback on the 2022 Municipal Bond Citywide Bicycle Projects. These projects include the OP Schnabel Bike Park, McAllister Park skills area improvements, Pearsall Park trails, and Eisenhower Park downhill trails.

This will be a small focus group of about 10 participants, so not everyone will be invited to attend. We want to get a representative group of participants or as representative as possible with such a small group.

Everyone will be allowed to provide input during the public input meetings.

Follow this link to submit your interest in participating in the
2022 Bond Citywide Bicycle Projects Focus Group

McAllister Park Jump Project – 24 Sep 2022

Howdy San Antonio MTB Community! At  long last we have some good news to share with all of you! After a series of logistical and schedule challenges Sean Christoper, Jeff Jordan, and Brenda Gonzales were able to meet with SAPAR and got approval on the final design for the Mac Jumps Rebuild project! We appreciate your patience with the delay – several folks were unavailable to meet at various times since the lines were flagged a few weeks ago. Thankfully we now have approval to move forward, and we anticipate posting dig days very soon.

The final design incorporates a lot of your feedback – there will be four lines with a newly re-shaped return. Each line increases progressively, helping riders master specific skills. Line 1 is essentially for kids and beginners learning to drop in and handle a g-out. Line 2 incorporates a long, flat stone launch to an easy tabletop with a gentle transition, to learn to land under control. Line 3 offers a table top with a pretty significant lip, and the option to hit a right-hip jump rather than the table. Line 4 is the daddy – It offers riders two options. Either jump into a massive tabletop with a small step-up and tabletop at the end, or feed into rollers that can be gapped. Line 4 will end in a big berm to carry speed back into the return (which will also have rollers to help pump back) and there is an optional shark fin into the berm. 

McAllister Jumps Site Plan
Visualization by Sean Simms

The city has agreed to provide water on site during dig days so we can better shape and pack in the jumps, and we do have authorization to bring in outside material as well (rocks, fill, etc.). They’ve also agreed we can use a bobcat to do the big shaping and fill moving, although we haven’t sourced that yet. 

There are a couple of hurdles remaining, the first of which is getting the machinery. If you are a San Antonio based contractor and would be willing to volunteer and have a bobcat or equivalent, please contact us through comments here or on social media. You can also message me directly on Messenger (Steve Barish) or hit me up on Facebook. If you do volunteer we will need to work through liability insurance to make sure everyone is protected. As a backup plan, we are going to approach the city about using one of their operators but we all feel the community would be better served by a rider doing the build rather than someone without interest in our sport.

The other issue is the outside materials. The jumps lie in a flood plain, and while the city has said we can bring in material the volume and type is still not completely defined. Our SAPAR rep is working that right now and we expect to have that answer shortly. Once we know how much we can bring in, we can refine the approach and start site prep. 

I know this has taken a bit longer than we all hoped, but we are finally making progress and hope to have a massive Chill n’ Grill group ride out there upon project completion soon!

Columbia Sportswear STORM Fundraising Event

Weekend of September 24-25, 2022

Join South Texas Off Road Mountain-Bikers & Columbia Sportswear this weekend at our Alamo Quarry Location! (Google Maps link)

Saturday and Sunday

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10% of your purchase will be donated to STORM when you present this coupon

McAllister Park Jumps Update, August 13

by Steve Barish

Howdy to all my fellow San Antonio MTB addicts and welcome to the weekly #MacJumps update! We are a little late in getting back to the community due to some personal issues and the need to incorporate additional feedback we received over the past week. Huge thanks to everyone who came out or made comments on social media – please keep it up! We want this to be a very rider-centered rebuild, and while we probably can’t accommodate every suggestion we still want to try, and definitely want your voice to be heard.

That said, Sean has incorporated a lot of feedback and posted new designs:

Latest McAllister Park Jumps Design (PDF)

Latest McAllister Park Jumps Site Plan

Latest McAllister Park Jumps Site Plan (PDF)

As you can see, there are four lines proposed along with a re-route of the return line. The idea is to provide progression from easiest (at rider’s right) to most difficult (rider’s left) with the ability to ride in different ways. There is a hip added on Line 3 with doubles that can be gapped, and we are working on adding a shark-fin into the berm to spice that up a bit.

This is just where we are right now. Sean and several others will be at the site tomorrow (Sunday, August 14th) taking measurements and conducting additional surveys at 2:00 PM. I know it is short notice, but if you have time please drop by and give some feedback! Otherwise please add your comments on social media, send an email to info@stormmtb.org, or contact any of the project team and we will make sure your thoughts and concerns are heard!

More info will follow here as things develop, so please stay tuned!  Updates can also be found on the STORM Trail Projects page.

Read the July 30, 2022 blog post on the McAllister Park Jumps

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