If you’ve spent any time mountain biking in the San Antonio area, you’ve probably heard of STORM, but you may not know exactly what the organization is, what it does, or why you should join.

In short, STORM is your best advocate for expanding mountain biking access and opportunity in our region. 

We’re in the midst of our spring membership drive, and we hope you’ll join. While becoming a STORM member at various levels may land you some sweet schwag, a membership is about so much more.

Here are five reasons why you should join:

  1. STORM advocates for trail access with public and private property owners.
  2. STORM and its volunteers maintain existing trails and build new trails that are open for everyone to use.
  3. STORM leverages its funds to obtain grants and other funding that help expand the area’s network of trails.
  4. STORM is your chief advocate for ensuring that the city of San Antonio’s upcoming 2022 Bond Program will include funding for mountain bike projects.
  5. STORM is an all-volunteer organization that needs YOU as a member, partner, advocate, ally and volunteer.

There’s really never been a more important time for you to join — or renew — your STORM membership. The global pandemic sent people flooding outdoors, and our region, like others, is seeing incredibly high usage of the trail network. With more people than ever riding their mountain bikes, we must continue to expand the trails system. And we also have to continue maintaining what already exists.

Your membership dollars help the organization with those efforts. But it’s not just about the money. Counting you as a member is important so that we can show the breadth and depth of mountain biking in San Antonio to the local leaders who control the purse strings. There’s always more demand for funding than there is actual funding, and it’s important that we present a strong, unified front as we advocate for more resources to elevate your riding experiences.

So, here’s what you can do to help continue improvements for mountain biking in San Antonio:

  1. Click HERE to join STORM.
  2. Click HERE to donate to STORM.
  3. Click HERE to add STORM as your nonprofit beneficiary on your Amazon purchases.
  4. Share this post with the friends you ride with — mountain biking is always more fun with friends, and joining STORM is, too.
  5. Interested in doing more with STORM? Join us! Click HERE to send us a note and let us know how’d you like to help!

Remember, STORM exists to make mountain biking more accessible to everyone, but we need your help to continue. Join now, and we’ll see you out on the trails!

Respect the Landscape – Do Not Ride Muddy Trails

“Respect your local trail builders and be a good steward of the physical environment. Keep singletrack single by staying on the trail. Practice Leave No Trace principles. Do not ride muddy trails because it causes rutting, widening and maintenance headaches. Ride through standing water, not around it. Ride (or walk) technical features, not around them.”

IMBA Responsible Riding and Rules of the Trails

So many great articles have been written about why it is important to “Respect the landscape”.  In some places like the Pacific Northwest or the UK you can ride the trail just after a rain because the soil types drain fast and when ridden in wet conditions does not stick to the tires and create ruts. You have heard this term many times and may not be familiar with why “ruts” are so damaging. To understand this, we need to become familiar with the soil types that make up our local trails in Bexar county. The Bexar County region is made up of three soil types: Edwards Plateau in Northern Bexar County, Blackland Prairie in Central Bexar County, and Post Oak/Claypan in the Southern region of Bexar County.

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Thank you to all of our sponsors!

We’d like to thank the businesses below again for sponsoring the Bicycle Heaven 22nd Annual STORM Hill Country MTB Challenge XC race at Flat Rock Ranch in Comfort, TX. Sponsoring a race or event is a great way for you to market your business to an audience of mountain bike enthusiasts locally in San Antonio and across Texas, as well as the rest of the USAC South Central Region (Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma).

Sponsors underwrite the costs of timing and scoring, awards, schwag raffle items, EMS services, USAC race officials, supplies, and more. STORM always strives to host a high quality racing event and cannot do so without the support of community partners! If you want to be a sponsor for future races or events, please contact for more information!

Click the image to see a list of our race sponsors