Parks and Recreation Board

The Parks and Recreation Board was created by the authority of the City Council, Ordinance Number 29561, June 14, 1961.

Overall Purpose of the Board
– Provide liaison between the community and the Department of Parks and Recreation regarding community recreational facilities and services, needs and desires and recreation programming.
– Review the departmental operations and maintenance budget and advise the Director of the Board’s suggestions regarding priority programs.
– Promote public awareness of the public recreational facilities and services provided by the City and stimulate community participation in those programs.
– Review operational policies for the various parks facilities and recommend new or revised policies as circumstances change.
– Review all applications for federal parks and recreation grants prior to submission to City Council.

Meeting and Contact Information
The board’s regularly scheduled meetings are the fourth Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at:
B Room (First Floor)
Municipal Plaza Building
114 W. Commerce Street