San Antonio Deserves More Mountain Bike Trails and Bike Parks!


The 2022 Parks Bond Committee voted to recommend the following amounts for MTB and BMX projects:

  • $500,000 for the completion of the outer bike skills loop, pump track enhancements, and lighting (McAllister Park).
  • $3.25 million for MTB and BMX projects (Citywide). Specifically, these projects include the Pearsall Park singletrack and flow trails, Eisenhower downhill trails, and the O.P. Schnabel Park Expansion Bike Park as well as the BMX track at Pearsall Park.
  • Recommended Parks, Recreation, & Open Spaces Projects (Items 82 and 84 refer to the MTB and BMX projects)


  • Jan 12, 2022 – Parks Bond Committee Recommendations presented to City Council
  • Feb 10, 2022 – City Council approves bond projects, with modifications if they decide, and call for the bond to be placed on the ballot.
  • May 2022 – San Antonio residents vote on bond for approval

What should the MTB Community do during this time?

Our job is not over. The MTB community must reach out to the City Council members to express our excitement at the 2022 Parks Bond Committees recommendations for funding MTB and BMX projects across the city, especially City Council members in Districts 4, 8, 9, and 10 where the projects are located. It is important to contact ALL City Council members because all will be voting to approve the Parks Bond Committee recommendations and any of them can call to move funds around and de-fund the MTB and BMX projects. Write or call and tell your City Council member how much these projects are needed in San Antonio and will benefit the physical and mental health of residents, the overall San Antonio economy, etc.

City Manager
Erik Walsh
Ron Nirenberg
Mario Bravo
Melissa Cabello Havrda
Jalen McKee-Rodriguez
Ana Sandoval
Phyllis Viagran
Manny Peláez
Dr. Adriana Rocha Garcia
John Courage
Teri Castillo
Clayton Perry

2022-2027 Parks & Recreation Community Committee Meeting Videos (YouTube)

STORM 2022 Parks Bond Committee Presentation Video (YouTube)

STORM 2022 Parks Bond Committee Presentation Slides (PDF)

The MTB community has a LOT to gain from the 2022 Bond Program, but we MUST make our voices heard. Whether it be the proposed ~20-acre bike park at the O.P. Schnabel Park Expansion property (District 7) (think of the progressive features at The Railyard, Valmont, and other bike parks), the completion/expansion of the McAllister Park bike skills course with more progressive features and improvements (Districts 9 & 10), a MTB singletrack and flow trail systems in Pearsall Park (District 4), or progressive downhill trails at the Eisenhower Park expansion property (District 8), we have to come out IN FORCE to let the City know that San Antonio deserves and demands world-class mountain bike trails, facilities, and amenities.

We constantly hear from people returning from out-of-state trips to destinations like The Railyard, etc. in Bentonville and Rogers, AR or Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, CO (and many others) and the common theme/question is “Why can’t we have these types of trails, bike parks, etc. in San Antonio?” Well, here’s your chance to speak up and let the City know we want 2022 Bond Program funds used to build them in San Antonio. If you have been to these great MTB destinations, we need you to talk about how great the experience was and how everyone in San Antonio should be able to experience it without having to drive 10+ hours out of state.


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